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CoReorient/PiggyBaggy selected as a semi-finalist in European Social Innovation Competition

CoReorient has been selected as the only Finnish candidate among 30 semi-finalists in the 2016 European Social Innovation Competition.

The theme for this year’s European Social Innovation Competition is Integrated Futures, encouraging great ideas to foster refugees and migrants integration. CoReorient’s submission focuses on community integration through peer-to-peer work. In the innovation CoReorient utilizes its crowdsourcing solutions developed with different communities such as PiggyBaggy social delivery service.

Crowdsourced peer to peer work means sharing and accepting work assignment utilizing a digital platform. Crowdsourced work is part of the sharing and collaborative economy which enables utilizing excess resources in a sustainable meaningful way. Through the European Social Innovation Competition, PiggyBaggy will be able to promote Finland’s lead position in development of socially sustainable sharing economy solutions.
The semi-finalists were selected from the 1095 applicants and all semi-finalists will receive support to progress their ideas and compete for the 3 prizes of €50,000 to be awarded in October 2016 in Brussels.

For more info: European Commission
For more info: CoReorient CMO Henni Ahvenlampi, 045 601 0390, henni.ahvenlampi ( at )

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Everyone is invited to join the Move Me day 

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The Citizen Forum, the network of voluntary work VaRes, “ValikkoVerkosto”, PiggyBaggy crowdsourced delivery, cargo bike expert Gert-Jan Hendriks, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd, the Horrible Mothers -project of YWCA of Finland and Mielentaide challenge both private persons and communities to participate in the spring-like volunteer theme day on May 13th.

Encounters and everyday volunteering build and enforce communities, the wellbeing of the mind, safety, enjoyment of life and functionality in the everyday life. The Move Me -events can include culture, spontaneous helping, volunteering, doing good or diverse interaction.

Explore volunteering, get your bike ready for the summer and test a cargo bike

Marjo Salmela, the volunteer coordinator at Citizen Forum, can be found on the Teurastamo courtyard (Työpajankatu 2, Helsinki) on 13.5.2016 at 11−14 where she will be presenting all the volunteer opportunities the Citizen Forum has to offer. The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre will join the event with a bike maintenance point where you can get your bike ready for the summer. You can also find information on sustainable lifestyle solutions, for example dish borrowing, worm composting, reusing and repurposing.

Mielentaide will present its operations through art and you can also test your own creative skills. Other art members will be talking about the meaning of art in rehabilitation. Small items can be purchased to support the operations.

The Horrible Mothers -project of YWCA of Finland will join with a “dream map of horribly wonderful mothers” where everyone can write down their dreams. You can also try out cargo bikes. Gert-Jan Hendriks is a cargo bike expert who will be demonstrating all the fun things cargo bikes can be used for. PiggyBaggy social delivery service’s sharing economy experts invite everyone to discuss the future of digitalisation, volunteering and community building. In addition there will also be free balloons and juice among other things.

Move Me day event on the Teurastamo courtyard in Facebook:
All Move Me Day events will be listed on the Facebook-page of the campaign:

How would you like to spend the Move Me day?

Everyone is able to organize their own event on the name day of Kukka (“Flower”) or on some other spring day. You can move someone in many different ways – also mentally. The event can be for example:

How to participate in the Move Me day campaign:

Announce your event at The events from the website will be highlighted on the Citizen Forum Facebook site and Twitter. You can use the hashtag #liikutaminua.

Other Move Me Day events will be held at least in Espoo, Oulu, Kemi, Seinäjoki and Järvenpää:

More information and help with communications: Katja Reinikainen, katja.reinikainen(at), 040 742 223
Cargo bike related questions: Gert-Jan Hendriks, asiakaspalvelu(at), 040 770 9853
PiggyBaggy: Henni Ahvenlampi, henni.ahvenlampi(at), 045 601 0390
Coordination and interviews at Mielentaide: Ari Kiviaho, tj(at), 046 530 1903

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The Six-time-award-finalist PiggyBaggy takes it’s pitching show on the road

Typically participating to international conventions is too expensive for startups. The Helsinki based cleanweb startup CoReorient Ltd. behind the PiggyBaggy social delivery service has another story this fall. The company has been selected as an award finalist or won a completely free participation in six international conventions.

The company’s positive problem is coming up next week. The 4-person-startup will split in three to pitch not only at SXSW Eco in Austin but at the same time in the competing European smart green innovation conference Ecosummit in London. And the same dates are topped with White Bull tech summit in Barcelona where PiggyBaggy will join in together with 11 other Finnish tech startups. Later in the fall the PiggyBaggy’s international tour continues to Brussels, Reyakjavik, and Dublin.

The startups participate to conventions to present themselves and to seek investment. PiggyBaggy/CoReorient has taken part in projects with public funding such as European Commission Horizon 2020 and seeks seed funding preparing for a larger A round funding.

PiggyBaggy’s pitching programme:
SXSW Eco, Austin, Oct 5-7 (pitching competition finalist)
Ecosummit, London, Oct 6-7 (invited speaker)
White Bull Summit, Barcelona, Oct 5-7 (award finalist)

E-Commerce, Paris, Sep 21-23 (award finalist)
GUE/NGL Mobility as a service meeting, Brussels, Oct 14 (invited speaker)
The Nordic Nature and Environment Prize, Reykjavik, Oct 27 (award finalist)
Web summit, Dublin, Nov 3-5 (participant)

Helsinki based CoReorient Ltd / PiggyBaggy social delivery service in a nutshell.
The company’s office is at the Helsinki Abattoir’s Maitolabra community and co-working space.

For more information: CoReorient / PiggyBaggy Head of Marketing Henni Ahvenlampi
+358 45 601 0390, henni.ahvenlampi (at)

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PiggyBaggy/CoReorient joined the Cleantech Finland network


CoReorient, the startup behind the PiggyBaggy social delivery service, joined the Cleantech Finland network. Cleantech Finland brings the Finland’s best cleantech solutions and expertise together and supports these companies’ international growth with business communications and marketing.

PiggyBaggy is a ride-sharing based service enabling taking care of the daily delivery needs socially in the local community. In the environmentally friendly service, people transport each other’s packages along their daily commute or shopping trips earning a low monetary compensation. PiggyBaggy partners with e-commerce and delivery management companies for ecological, economical and socially sustainable solution.

There are currently approximately 1 500 registered PiggyBaggy users in Finland. The service has so far been used for the Finland’s first crowdsourced online grocery deliveries, for other online and second-hand online stores deliveries as well as for returning library books.

“We develop PiggyBaggy in close cooperation with the tax authorities, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as well as the private sector and civil society organisations. Next online grocery story deliveries will be tested in Denmark”, says CEO of CoReorient  Harri Paloheimo.

PiggyBaggy/CoReorient currently is searching for Danish communication partners.

“The pressure to reduce co2 emissions and traffic congestion lead to the fact that business in consumer-targeted cleantech services will continue to grow. That will happen, for example, on the fields of transport of both people and goods. Therefore, it is great to see this kind of services being developed also in Finland. We at Cleantech Finland find it important to promote the internationalization of also the consumer cleantech beside more traditional industrial cleantech,” said Cleantech Finland’s Client Relations Manager Petri Lintumäki of Finpro.

Additional information PiggyBaggy:
For more information: CoReorient / PiggyBaggyn Marketing Henni Ahvenlampi, +358 45 601 0390, henni.ahvenlampi (at)

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Finland-based startup PiggyBaggy/CoReorient selected as a finalist for South by South West’s SXSW Eco Startup Competition

CoReorient, the company behind the PiggyBaggy crowdsourced delivery service, has been selected as a finalist in the SXSW Eco Startup competition taking place on October 5-7, 2015 in Austin, TX.

The world-famous South by Southwest events have been organized since 1987. For example, the social media service Twitter has initially been launched at SXSW. South by Southwest is one of the model examples of the domestic Slush startup event. PiggyBaggy / CoReorient will be part of the world-famous event’s Eco spinoff in its International category.

“We are fired up to be part of SXSW Eco. I am honored to pitch to an audience and to meet our current and possible future partners”, says CoReorient CEO Harri Paloheimo.

CoReorient Ltd producing PiggyBaggy crowdsourced delivery service aims to make our society more sustainable and efficient by helping citizens, the public sector as well as other businesses improve their ways of working. PiggyBaggy is a ride-sharing based service where people transport each other’s packages along their daily commute or shopping trips. PiggyBaggy partners with e-commerce and delivery companies for ecological, economical and socially sustainable solution.

CoReorient has received European Commission Horizon 2020 funding to create a European alternative to the Uber model. It’s also a finalist nominee for the Nordic Council’s Nature and Environment Prize 2015. The winner will be awarded in Reykjavik, Iceland on October 27, 2015.

SXSW Eco event creates a space for business leaders, investors, innovators and designers to drive economic, environmental and social change. This year’s diverse program is around the following themes: Cities, Energy + Water, Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Communications, Design and Startup Central.

So far some companies from Finland have participated to the South by South West -events; i.e. movie Iron Sky and Ninchat producing tailored chat service for businesses. The main SXSW event’s spin-off conference SXSW Eco celebrates now its fifth year. Until now there has not been participant companies from Finland in the SXSW Eco event.

“Each year, we are honored to spotlight the startups offering the most innovative new solutions to our social and environmental challenges,” said Carolyn Harrold, SXSW Eco Head of Programming.

“This year’s finalists are the most promising yet, and we look forward to the excitement they will bring to the conference and the change they will drive in the coming year.”

For more info on PiggyBaggy:
For more information on the SXSW Eco event:
For information on other SXSW Eco Startup Showcase Competition finalists:

For more information: Henni Ahvenlampi, Head of Marketing CoReorient / PiggyBaggy, + 358 45 601 0390, henni.ahvenlampi (at)