The Sustainable Alternative to Uber Deliveries

The Helsinki based CoReorient Ltd enables convenient and sustainable deliveries with less traffic. The social delivery service PiggyBaggy and Local community spaces revolutionize energy efficiency of consumer transport and community services.

PiggyBaggy is a ride-sharing based mediation service where people transport each other’s packages along their daily commute or shopping trips. The service matches consumer transport demands with other consumers going in the same direction. People can transport each other’s packages and get small monetary compensation in return. PiggyBaggy partners with e-commerce and delivery management companies to create volume for the ecological, economical and socially sustainable effect.

The Local community spaces catalyze sharing economy services such as; local deliveries, food and recycling circles, local rentals, and library service. It combines a 24/7 accessible smart container in real time with an online service mediation platform based on the PiggyBaggy service.

From lack of delivery option to convenient service

The idea of PiggyBaggy was born when Harri Paloheimo’s newly bought pricey microwave broke. The family is a car-free one, so he was forced to carry the appliance in a bag through the city in public transport for the warranty repair. At the time, Harri worked as the Sustainability Research team leader in Nokia and was well aware of the waste of resources the inefficient private car traffic causes. Passenger vehicles are still used with 1.3 person average occupancy and empty trunks in Finland. Harri’s own experience pushed him to come up with a solution for not having a sustainable and convenient delivery option.

Harri and his Nokia colleague Heikki Waris specced the service for drivers to be able to reach each other for ride-sharing for goods. Now the PiggyBaggy Beta service enables utilising the existing car, bicycle and even public transport traffic for deliveries making PiggyBaggy the socially and environmentally sustainable alternative to Uber. The service is developed in open cooperation with the authorities to be the fair solution for the communities. The partner integration of e-commerce and delivery management platforms enables more deliveries with less traffic.

The local community spaces were created in private-public partnership to serve as sharing economy catalysts. The 24/7 accessible smart containers service as local mediation platforms for PiggyBaggy deliveries, to enable operation of local food and recycling circles, local rentals, library service, information sharing within the neighborhood, and the exchange of non-professional services between locals.

Seeking 600 k€ Investment

PiggyBaggy/CoReorient has taken part in projects with public funding such as Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 1 and seeks seed funding preparing for a serious A round.

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