Ride-sharing for goods

Convenient. Sustainable. Secure.

How does it work?


1. Request delivery

Add what, where, when and the price option that fits you.

2. The transporter gets in touch

A suitable driver will contact you within the service or on the phone to arrange details.

3. Door-to-door delivery

Your item will be delivered to where you want it.

My library reservations have been biked to me after our local library branch shut down. PiggyBaggy is a quick and environmentally friendly service. 

- Irmeli Panhelainen of Finland

PiggyBaggy worked very well for home deliveries of K-citymarket. I highly recommend PiggyBaggy as a business partner.

- Retailer Marko Laaksonen,
K-citymarket Lahti Paavola
A branch of Finland's largest private retailer

The home delivery of K-citymarket works perfectly. I’ve ordered groceries for 4 times. Next hardware store and Ikea.

- Satu Lähteenoja of Finland

My Tori.fi purchase table&chairs arrived by the friendliest person across town for just 20 €.  I highly recommend PiggyBaggy service.

- Monika Shrestha of Finland

Request delivery

 “Very nice experience! I got my delivery on time, without hassle. The site was easy to use and I did not need to even leave my couch to get this delivery done!”

Laura  Helsinki, Finland

Ship something


Sign up

Free 2-minute registration, no credit card needed.


Request delivery

Create a delivery request through our web service. You define the destination, acceptable times for the delivery and how much you are willing to pay for someone to do the delivery. Other users will see your request and accept it for transportation if it suits their route and schedule.


Get your goods delivered!

You will agree on specific details such as the method of payment with the transporter. After that, your goods are going to be delivered on the agreed schedule, and you make the payment!

“Neighbors and businesses can now share the costs of transporting goods. This helps us all save time, money and the environment. It is especially useful with the constantly rising price of oil. Join the transport revolution!”

Harri Paloheimo 
CEO, PiggyBaggy service / CoReorient Oy

Become a transporter

 “I feel good knowing that I can help somebody on my way home from work. And it also does not hurt to make a little extra money. PiggyBaggy makes total sense to me!”

Timo  Driver

Transport something


Sign up

Free 2-minute registration, no credit card needed.


Choose a shipment

Browse open shipments through our web service using any device. Pick one that suits your schedule and route. You will get all the needed details to take care of the delivery.


Pick up the package

You are asked to contact the sender to let them know you’ll be picking up the package and to agree on the payment transfer.


Deliver the goods

Deliver the package and get compensated.


Get stuff delivered door-to-door inexpensively by a friendly neighbour.


Crowdsourcing deliveries saves time, money and the environment.


The registrations are made with real names. All deliveries are insured up to 100 euros.

Join the sharing economy now!

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